Why salon quintessential need!

A salon is a space where one step in with the belief to step out beautiful. Beauty is essential and a salon is it’s quintessential. Although the pandemic around the globe has certainly compelled us to follow the new normal practices, and thus we miss the moments that we splurged at the salon. You might be replacing the paradise at the salon with home services, but question yourself on this. The relaxing and soothing ambiance experienced at a salon would that be the same at home? Home service is obliged in a pandemic but, if technically counted the human contact is lesser at the salon, as salon staff attends only the on-premises visitor and does not detour.

The beauticians and hair stylists working at the salon are well trained and have to satisfy a few criteria of eligibility before joining however when you opt for freelancers, there may be no authorization of their knowledge. Also the same goes for products, at the salon they use exclusive brands with proven efficacy from trusted sources but with freelancers, one cannot vouch for the quality and efficacy of the product. Give it a thought!

In times of pandemic when interacted with the people from the beauty industry, it seems to be mixed baggage of many opting to be a freelancer and few sustaining with salon infrastructure. We suggest the beauty industry to begin with newer approaches, such that a Cloud Wellness Lounge or call it a Cloud Beauty Lounge. You might think about how to advertise this new concept to customers, well we must plot a few attractions and grab them. Which ones??…. here are a few….

Attractions to build trust in customers:

  • Target the frequent client

A client who used to visit once a month or twice a month is good to target and inform them about the reopen and safety measures. Ask them to visit the salon and enjoy the services.

  • Build awareness using social media

Social media is one stop for every branding, the people around are all into it. Hence it is the best channel to advertise and build a strong base of awareness.

  • Advertise about the safety measures taken at the workplace

To build trust amongst the clients and attract new clients in these times of pandemic the best way is to inform and showcase all the safety measures taken by the salon.

  • Convert lookers into bookers on your website by giving exciting offers

Add a chatbot to your website, let it connect with clients, and tell about the new and interesting offers available at the salon. Let it also information on time and safety measures taken which will attract more visitors.

  • Implement Cloud Salon concept and partner with local businesses

Cloud Salon a new approach, try to grab this new substance and get it implemented. As new approaches are tried by this new generic human around us. And also soon would be sharing detailed information on Cloud Salon, to help understand the granularity.

  • Ask for referrals and offer sample giveaways

With one referral give an offer to either have an extension of service time, for example, a complimentary head massage of 10 minutes, or a hair wash with a haircut. Else offer sample giveaways of taken services such as on hair service give sample washes or serum and if taken beauty service giveaway cream or facewash samples. For such giveaways, you can tie – up with the product suppliers to help with miniature packs.

There is a lot to go along with and yet keep up the brand to work efficiently in the market. The beauty industry must pledge to appertain with all the norms by the government and be safe at the same time. The new normal is testing each one’s capabilities to patience, yet stick to the norms and flair with honesty. Build trust amongst people and none can stop you to run again.

Brand the brand and embrace the quintessential beauty service.

– Suresh Sarda

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